Customer Scrapbook- Stephanie of Wow Era Jewel

I love making bread with all my heart, but without the people who love to eat it, I'd be alone on this journey. Customer Scrapbook is an ongoing collection of the people who make our community beautiful and vibrant in unique ways. I'm happy to use the second installment of customer scrapbook to introduce you to Stephanie Foster, the clever craftswoman behind Wow Era Jewel.

"Homemade bread isn't in my repertoire but it's so delicious and wildly different from the store-bought kind. Feeding Bonnie's bread to my son makes me feel like a better mom, Can I say that? It's my truth." -Stephanie

Stephanie is a person that I first made a connection with through bread, our mutual friend shared it with her before we actually met. Stopping at her house to bring a weekly loaf was our opportunity to get to know each other. Her porch is scattered with shells, succulents and hanging plants, and her home exudes scents of sandalwood, neroli and simmering spices whenever I would pop by. Her warmth and wry humor make it easy to be endeared to her in an instant.

I often admire stylish people, and Steph always looks effortlessly cool in things like purple velour pants, a handmade blouse and a funky leather hip pack. Her eclectic style is somewhere between rock and feminine so it's no surprise her jewelry straddles that same line. I love how rough hewn crystals and gems jangle against hammered brass on a gossamer chain, it hits that sweet spot between tough, ethereal and delicate that defines modern women. 

You can find Stephanie representing the local craft scene every month at Preservation Coffee and Tea in downtown Modesto at the Second Saturday Craft Grab, where she hosts a revolving curation of the best and brightest in unique handmade goods. 

You are going to want to follow this mover, shaker and mama maker.

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