Customer Scrapbook- Amy Fliflet of Echo Media Photography

Alchemy Bread would be nothing without it's amazing customers. Customer Scrapbook is an ongoing collection of the special people who make our community vibrant in unique ways. It's my pleasure to use this installment to introduce you to one of my fabulous regulars Amy of Echo Media Photography. 

"I love the sense of community Alchemy Bread has created, it's more than just buying the best bread in the world, it's meeting friends and neighbors while in line and bringing people together in an organic and beautiful way that create memories that will last a lifetime."


Amy is one half of the award winning and internationally published photography team behind Echo Media Photography along with her mother Catherine. Amy a beautiful model and talented photographer. Beyond that, she is a warm, kind and effervescent friend. 

I treasure Amy for her easy smile, compassionate nature and unwavering support of small and local businesses. She brought me dinner when I was hurt, and she often has fun things to share like cookies, jams, or oranges from her tree. When she's working she puts photography clients at ease with her fun attitude and sharp sense of style. I asked if Echo Media could help me out with maybe one or two photos of my new product. They came through with an entire beautifully styled photo shoot and supplied me with 130 gorgeous and professional shots to choose from, delivered promptly on the same day. Echo Media provides and range of photography services, specializing in romantic and chic wedding and engagement photos in special destinations around California. 

I couldn't more highly recommend Echo Media Photography. Enjoy some of their award winning work by clicking the links below.