Alchemy Bread

the art and science of old world baking



Handcrafting small batches of sourdough bread with stone ground flour, wild yeast culture, slow fermentation, and local flavors.

Alchemy Bread is a residential cottage micro bakery offering monthly bread subscriptions for pickup, bicycle delivery, and weekend special offerings.

Bonnie is a self taught sourdough bread baker who has been perfecting her craft over the past 6 years. When she's not baking bread you can find her bicycling the virginia corridor or dry creek trail with her kids, picking up veggies and fruit at the downtown farmers market, or checking out cookbooks and picture books alike at the library.







  1. Where is your bakery?


Alchemy Bread is a cottage bakery, this means that my loaves are made in a home kitchen and there is no storefront with regular operation hours. My house is located in downtown Modesto, and bread pickup details and instructions are sent via text or email after an order is placed. Alchemy Bread is a licensed Cottage Food Operation or CFO which means I have a food handlers license and am legally allowed to produce and sell food from my residence and all my recipes are approved by our county. I welcome you to my home as part of my business model, please be kind and respectful when visiting and I'll always greet you as a friend. 



2. Can I have some bread today?


Unfortunately, no. Alchemy Bread is made in the old world style from a natural wild yeast starter (sourdough/levain culture). Before commercial yeast (sold in those packets at the supermarket) bread was brought about in a much slower fashion. The leaven is built up over hours, then mixed into a dough that is slowly fermented all day for flavor and nutrition, and then cold proofed for another 12 hours before it is finally baked. The whole process takes about 3 days, which is why pre-orders are necessary, and why there is nothing else quite like it!


3. Okay, how should I get some of your bread then?


By ordering a subscription! A subscription guarantees you a month of once weekly loaves of freshly baked bread. Subscriptions do sell out quickly, if you don't see them in the shop, they are sold out until the next month arrives. Following on facebook or instagram to find out when subscriptions are available. (links at bottom of page)


4. I missed getting a subscription, do I have to wait a whole month to get bread?


Luckily, no! I offer Saturday specials most weekends that can be picked up first come first serve for cash. These are flavored breads that are seasonal and change each week and are available for Saturday mornings at my home in downtown. Following on facebook or instagram is the best way to find out when Saturday breads are available. (links at bottom of page)


5. Your bread is always selling out, how can I be the first to know when it is listed so I can get some? 


At the bottom of this page are buttons linking you to the Alchemy Bread Facebook page and Instagram, these are great ways to stay alerted on new listings on the site! Facebook is all business so that’s your best bet if you only want to hear about bread. Instagram has lots of pictures of kids, cooking, and behind the scenes on the bread baking process.


6. OK subscriptions and Saturdays are great most of the time, but next week I have this fabulous party/ important business meeting/ special anniversary dinner/ hot first date/ friend that just had a baby who I am taking a meal/ family in town for just one day, and your bread should be there! Can you make a special loaf just for me?


In these kinds of instances I love to be there for you! With enough lead time and a favorable schedule I will always try to make this happen for you. Please email me at but please note! This is for special circumstances only and not a great way to get bread when I’m already sold out. I do get a lot of emails so I usually sit down and reply to them all once a week, so please don't be alarmed if your email isn't answered immediately ( I probably just have dough on my hands)