Customer Scrapbook- Michelle Adams of Cosmic Bath and Beauty

I love making bread with all my heart, but without the people who love to eat it, I'd be alone on this journey. Customer Scrapbook is an ongoing collection of the special people who make our community beautiful and vibrant in unique ways. I'm happy to use the first installment of customer scrapbook to introduce you to the beautiful Michelle Adams, the creative behind Cosmic Bath and Beauty.

"I think fresh baked bread is such a rarity in our lives, it's good for the soul. Nourishing food in our everyday lives can be a grounding experience" -Michelle

I first met Michelle and her daughter Brooke at the farmer's market about 4 years ago where they had a little table full of lip balms, and handmade soaps.  I ended up with 3 lip balms, face powder and a bar of deliciously scented soap. Her product is so well made, I am still using the lip balms and powder I bought that day! Whenever I come across her at faire's and markets around the area I so enjoy the great glow of fun energy and positivity she puts forth. 

I love Michelle's philosophy "we believe in natural beauty!" many people pay lip service to natural ideals, but she truly embodies it. Her product ingredients are best quality, and brought about from a place of truth and self love. I use her complexion soap each day which leaves my skin soft, her neroli floral water toner which has the most gorgeous smell and leaves my face feeling fresh and happy. A dusting of the long lasting mineral powder and a bit of the mandarin lip balm is all I need to start my day on the right foot.

Thanks Michelle for making honest products that lets our skin shine, and making where we live a better place with your bohemian good vibes. 

Take a moment to check out Michelle's magic at and give her a follow from there. I know you will love her style as much as I do!