Purpose- December Tiny Bakery Update

Oh December!  Something about it stirs up a pensive mood despite all the hot chocolates and twinkle lights and festivities. I've definitely found myself doing a lot of soul searching and contemplation. 

There were many breads to share with friends and to give for comfort in tough times.

There was bread to share at the annual "Peace Feast" at Fremont Open Plan Elementary school, a potluck that begins our winter break. 

The Christmas breads sold out quickly! I always look forward to the festive mood of providing holiday breads to you all, this year we had Rosemary roasted garlic and Cranberry pecan.

It was baby Leo's first Christmas! he thoroughly enjoyed the variety of foods, he managed to get a big handful of fancy cheese off the christmas eve cheese plate and quickly cram it all in his mouth which I'm still laughing about.

There were modest gifts wrapped in brown paper. A lunar phase/ star chart calendar and new journal for Sophie, wooden blocks and a learning chess set for Gabe, and a snuggly sweater for Leo. 

The wrapping up of the year brings some big changes to our tiny home, one of those being the decision to leave behind public school and start a new adventure with homeschooling. I so enjoy the many friends we've made and community we've become a part of at our school, it is filled with dedicated teachers and parents who I adore. I know I will continue to see many of you, either picking up bread or at the park. Our choice is a heart choice, which in the realm of family, choices often are.

What do we want in a school? A place where learning can happen outdoors in all seasons, a place where the food is warm and made from scratch, a place where play is abundant, learning is self directed and led by the student, and handwork, arts and language are not just available but interwoven into every lesson. A place where we start our day with yoga and mindfulness, walk to the library to find answers to our questions, write and illustrate our own books, and of course, bake our own bread. 

Taking a road less travelled can be daunting and a little scary, but also exhilarating.

Here's to beginning again with renewed purpose! I hope this revolution of the earth brings you connection, community, creativity, and lots of love.  From our hearth to yours, Happy New Year!